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What Becomes Of The Children? (1939)

What Becomes Of The Children?Directed by: Walter Shumway
The title "What Becomes of the Children?" might lead you to believe that this film is merely a precursor to future after school television specials. Taking a much broader perspective than this, this movie is an extremely relevant look at the pervasive moral and social concerns in the early twentieth century. The Worthingtons, a wealthy family during the Great Depression, can't get along with each other. The kids aren't loved; the father is ruthless and greedy; the mother is a thoughtless spendthrift. The result is a family splitting divorce! Both children and parents learn about the evils of the world and the importance of family unity. The antiquated values championed in this film are pertinent to understanding the core of current American values as they are discussed and fretted over in society today.
Runtime: 57 min
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