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Goat, The
A series of adventures begins when an accident during photographing causes Buster to be mistaken for...
Year: 1921
Runtime: 23 min
Berlin: Symphony of a Great City
This movie shows us one day in Berlin, the rhythm of that time, starting at the earliest morning and...
Year: 1927
Runtime: 65 min
Mark of Zorro, The
In old Spanish California, the oppressive colonial government is opposed by Zorro, masked champion o...
Year: 1920
Runtime: 107 min
Things to Come
A story of 100 years: a decades-long second world war leaves plague and anarchy, then a rational sta...
Year: 1936
Runtime: 100 min
Incredible Petrified World, The
Four adventurers descend to the depths of the ocean when the cable on their underwater diving bell s...
Year: 1957
Runtime: 70 min
Red Salute (aka Her Uncle Sam)
The rebellious daughter of an army general gets involved with a Communist agitator, mainly to annoy ...
Year: 1935
Runtime: 80 min
Made for Each Other
Young lawyer meets and marries girl after knowing her one day. Takes bride home to meet his mother w...
Year: 1939
Runtime: 92 min
My Wife's Relations
When a large Irish woman falsely accuses Buster of breaking a window he is hauled before a Polish ju...
Year: 1922
Runtime: 25 min
Dick Tracy's Dilemma
Dick Tracy investigates the theft of a fortune of fur coats, a possible insurance swindle and severa...
Year: 1947
Runtime: 60 min
Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome
Dick Tracy goes up against a villain who robs banks using a nerve gas.
Year: 1947
Runtime: 65 min

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