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Abraham Lincoln
Brief vignettes about Lincoln's early life include his birth, early jobs, (unsubstantiated) affair w...
Year: 1930
Runtime: 85 min
Abe Lincoln of Ninth Avenue
Jimmy, an idealistic and hard-working young man, has just arrived in New York City with dreams of ma...
Year: 1939
Runtime: 64 min
Silver Trail, The
A wandering cowboy attempts to locate a pal who has struck it rich in mining. When he gets to town, ...
Year: 1937
Runtime: 58 min
Tombstone Canyon
Maynard hears the cry of the weird masked "phantom" of Tombstone Canyon. The plot thickens when Mayn...
Year: 1932
Runtime: 62 min
Big Show, The
When cowboy star Tom Ford disappears, Wilson gets his double Gene Autry to impersonate him. But Ford...
Year: 1936
Runtime: 70 min
Life at Stake
After a married woman has had an illicit affair, mysterious accidents began happening to her husband.
Year: 1954
Runtime: 76 min
Inside Information
When thousands of dollars have been stolen and an innocent man accused, who should come to the rescu...
Year: 1934
Runtime: 49 min
Phantom of Chinatown
Detective James Lee Wong is on the scene as archeologist Dr. John Benton, recently returned from an ...
Year: 1940
Runtime: 61 min
Private Buckaroo
Singer Lon Prentice’s (Dick Foran) efforts at joining the army finally pay off when he is enlisted a...
Year: 1942
Runtime: 67 min
Rainbow's End
A rancher's son finds himself helping another rancher who is at odds with his father--all because of...
Year: 1935
Runtime: 59 min

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