Paid VS. Free Movie Websites To Stream Your Favorite Flicks

Online video streaming is a booming industry that has impacted the movie watching segment with full gusto.

Any movie (well, almost!), at any time, from anywhere can be watched free or on a paid subscription basis.

Here are the top paid and free movie websites to stream your favorite flicks from, in the comfort of your own homes, offices and even while traveling:

a) Paid Subscriptions

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime offers a vast variety of movies to its Prime customers at an annual fee of $99. This cost, mind you, includes numerous Prime benefits, apart from some brilliant movie streaming. Due to the strength of its brand, Amazon Prime is one of the top contenders, with direct access to the most desired movie studios. If you like original productions, then this is the movie website for you.


The most popular online movie website charges between $10.99 and $13.99 a month depending on the subscription type – basic, standard or premium. Netflix is most movie buffs’ go – to website owing to its ability to record and suggest as per individual viewing habits. If you prefer the latest and like to taste a wider movie genre buffet, try Netflix. It’s no coincidence that it’s still the most popular paid movie website, globally.


Starz arrived on the scene with a full bank of quality cinema of classics from the 70s till the 2000s. To access these beauties, it costs $8.99 per month. If you prefer newer flicks, Starz is a good back up movie website. At the same time, you may be surprised to find some titles on Starz that are missing from Netflix and Amazon! We also like the clever classifications on Starz such as ‘Pedal to the Metal’ for the Action segment and ‘Hidden Gems’ for their famous classics.

Apart from these, there is Shudder, HBO Now, Sundance Now and many more paid ones to explore.

b) Free Streaming

Lil Humpers

Lil' Humpers - RK Production
Lil’ Humpers – RK Production

Lil Humpers is the newest production in the adult world. It features young guys getting lucky with their MILF partners in various daily life situations. While much of premium adult content is locked under memberships we have found this official video website of the project where you can browse all the episodes in their long trailers mode.


There are millions of movies on YouTube that can be watched for free. The only aspect to look out for is to check whether its a real print or a camera one. Legal uploads can be recognized by the quality of the streaming in terms of picture and sound. Stick to those!


The Crackle model works on advertising. Every movie will have many commercial breaks which the production house pays for. That’s how Crackle makes money and you get to stream for free! About the movie list – it’s an interesting selection of movies and TV series spanning a few decades. There are also a few original titles. If you are the kind who hardly watches movies and you need occasional entertainment, then Crackle will definitely do for you.


It’s nice to view documentaries for free! SnagFilms has a library of 5000 documentaries on almost any topic that you can imagine! It also offers engaging indies. For a free movie website, we feel this one really maintains a high quality of films. Even the advertising is well incorporated and non-intrusive on SnagFilms.


AZ Movies is a great free movie website with all kinds of movies belonging to 16 different genres. The other advantages are limited ads and HD quality viewing. There is a year to year classification that makes it easier to find movie titles on AZ Movies. The period from which one can search ranges from 1948 to 2019. That’s really something!

Besides these, there is Uno, Yify TV, CosmoTube and a few more.

On an ending note, always check to make sure that any movie website you choose, is legal before you begin streaming.

Happy Movie Binging!