Streaming Movies in 2018

Streaming movies in 2018 is enormously popular. This is becoming the default manner in which people watch movies in the 2010’s.

This might be one of the things that this decade is known for, and there are more streaming websites appearing on the scenes than there were in the past. People are certainly spending a lot of time on Netflix. However, there are even more options these days. We’re interested in examining the different streaming trends in the modern world.

New Networks and Streaming

Plenty of traditional television networks are interested in creating their own streaming services these days. CBS is a good example of a television network that is going down this route. We are of the opinion that this is a trend that is not going to last, but it is interesting to see it in action. Many people are not fond of the idea that they have to pay money in order to stream the shows of just a single television network, and that is the case with the new streaming service for CBS. Most people would rather just get a large selection of shows through a single streaming service, which is the Netflix business model.

Adult Streaming

Perv Mom – Newest Project in 2018

While mainstream streaming services are booming, you can’t really find many established brands in the adult industry. There is several great productions being released in the 2018 but the real problem is to show them to the people.

Can you imagine running project like Perv Mom (it is actual brand that’s going to be released in weeks) being available for streaming in services like Netflix? It would be a tremendous success, that’s for sure.

There is 10’s of examples like Perv Mom, so who knows maybe we are about to see some quality streaming service being opened in 2018 for this kind of entertainment? Fingers crossed!

Established Streaming Services

People who are interested in the next big streaming service will still have to wait, and they might be waiting a long time. Netflix is still regarded as the quintessential streaming service. When people talk about streaming movies, they are almost always specifically talking about the action in terms of Netflix. For a lot of people, Netflix and streaming go hand in hand, and this is still the case in 2018. However, Amazon Prime has a lot of shows that Netflix does not have, and many of the shows seem to stay available for a longer period of time.

Some people are actually relying on both Amazon Prime and Netflix these days. There is no limit to how many streaming sites people can own now, after all. People who can afford it and the people who like video streaming enough will often use multiple streaming websites in order to get all of the shows that they want. They might use Hulu right alongside Amazon Prime and Netflix. They might even try some of the newer options in order to get pretty much every television show ever made.

New Streaming Services

Apple and Google are both starting their own streaming services, which should be enough to solidify the streaming trend further. We are still of the opinion that these services will not provide adequate competition for Netflix, and that certainly won’t happen for a long period of time. However, it is interesting to see all of the available options expand in this way.

Streaming movies in 2018 is now completely standard. More and more people are interested in it in a way that could not have been predicted years ago. Some of the most major companies in the world, like Amazon, have a streaming service. Companies like Apple and Google are joining the game and furthering the trend.