Choosing a Role in the Fake Driving School

We review the free series of Fake Driving School (adult themed website!)

Students and Teachers

Some people like to imagine themselves in the role of the teacher when they are first growing up and in school. They like the idea of being authority figures under those instances. The teacher is the person who has the control over the classroom, and that is the fantasy for a lot of people. Of course, there are also people who really wish that they could be students again and that they could be students forever. Some people have felt more comfortable in the submissive role than the dominant role. This is the case for plenty of people today. When some people go to the Fake Driving School website, they will imagine themselves in the role of the teacher. Other people will imagine themselves in the role of the student.

A Teacher and Student Role-Playing Fantasy

Of course, it is possible for people to look at videos involving fictionalized teacher and student sex and to imagine that it is possible to be both at the same time. This is certainly something that will work for a lot of people. Sexual fantasies in particular can be extremely fluid.

However, some people will prefer one over the other. Some people like to imagine themselves in the role of the dominant and powerful teacher who can punish the students, reward them, dole out the praise and the criticisms, and otherwise have the students under their thumbs. Even the nicest teachers are capable of doing this. Not all teachers are nice, either, and a lot of the teachers at the Fake Driving School are certainly pretending to be the dominant ones.

Yes, this kind of scenarios are really happening on this website!

Some people really like the idea of being the submissive students. They want a powerful but benevolent leader to show them the way. People who really like to be dominant outside of the bedroom can really like to be submissive in the bedroom, of course. It is all about how people want to be at different points during their lives.

A student is someone who can lay back and enjoy the ride in bed in a lot of case. This is something that is going to be easier for a lot of people who just want to have fun in many cases. There are some teachers who might want to enjoy something like this. There are other teachers who might want to be in more of a nurturing role, which can really allow a lot of people to lie back and enjoy the ride, because they are in good hands.

Being Both At Once

People who project themselves into a sex act can more or less try to enter both roles at the same time. It is the action that interests them. They might decide to be the students in some videos or the teachers in the others. However, people do have really broad imaginations. It is possible for them to more or less project themselves into the scene in a lot of different ways. They can make it all real.

Are you convinced? The best thing… it’s free! All the episode previews – so you can see what you are paying for once you decide to join Fake Driving School!