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Crashing Through Danger (1938)

Crashing Through DangerDirected by: Sam Newfield
A quaint Depression era timepiece, Crashing Through Danger illuminates the lives of three electrical linemen as they struggle through piteously unsafe working conditions, as well as romance. Soundly made by a veteran cast, the story is of three hard working industrial men who get to be like brothers. Their camaraderie is splintered, however, when the fatally gorgeous Sally Blane walks into their lives, eliciting amorous intentions from each of them! Blane, one of Hollywood's classic beauties, interrupts the humble life that the men have become so accustomed to. This explosive situation combines with dangerous calamity in the workplace, leading to a rousing finish. Crashing Through Danger is an exploration of life in the Great Depression for the common man.
Runtime: 61 min
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